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Often I have clients ask if they can just “borrow your brain for a few minutes.” I get it. Sometimes it’s just easier to do things face to face and have someone to walk through things with you, bounce ideas off of, or answer your questions.

A Borrow My Brain Session is ideal for that. Whether you need help doing something specific, or need some questions answered I’m here to help!

These are offered in 30-minute ($50) or 60-minute ($75) sessions. I want to be sure that whatever you need I am totally focused on it. So please take a minute to choose a time on the scheduler below and we’ll work through whatever it is.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a "Borrow My Brain" session?

In short, it is a 30/60 minute Zoom call where I can answer questions, provide guidance, and help troubleshoot issues.

What sort of things can I use a session for?

Borrow My Brain sessions can be used for a lot of things including (but not limited to):

  • ask questions about a specific platform/tech
  • brainstorm ideas
  • site audits
  • tech audits
  • troubleshooting website or tech issues
  • tech strategy sessions
  • tutorials/how-to sessions
  • just in case sessions (you have something you think you know how to do or would like to do yourself but want to have a techy person on standby incase things don’t go smoothly)
Is there anything I can't use a session for?

Borrow My Brain sessions are meant to be helpful and productive. There are some things outside my wheelhouse or where your time/money would be better placed elsewhere such as:

  • copywriting/strategy
  • Facebook ads set up/strategy
  • building a site/course/anything that is going to take an extended amount of time
  • watching me work (excluding tutorials or how-to sessions)
  • general business strategy
Why do you offer these sessions?

I love helping people, I love solving problems, and I love helping others learn. Empowering my clients to feel confident(ish) with their websites and other tech things is really important to me and this allows me to offer additional ways to do all of those things and still buy groceries (have you seen the cost of fruit snacks lately?!)

Do I have to get on a call, can't you just do it for me?

Absolutely!! That isn’t a borrow my brain session so much as just hiring me to do a thing. If you’d like to do that you can buy a pack of hours here, start up a retainer here, or hop on a free call to discuss what services might work best for you which can be scheduled here.

What is included in the session?
  • one zoom call which will be recorded
  • zoom call recording
  • copy of notes/takeaways from our call

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