Hi, I’m Angela


To provide my clients with website that is simple enough they can use it and custom enough to wow their visitors and build a community of business owners who have a basic understanding of how their site works and are empowered to make good decisions for it as their business grows.


To change the stereotype of websites being scary or confusing or complicated and challenge the idea that your website it the place to either cut costs or buy the most expensive stuff regardless of fit for your business.


Accessability   ~  Change  ~   Trust  ~  Charity  ~  Communication

Your website will be accessable to you, not some scary or confusing thing you ignore until something goes wrong.  I’m working to change the stereotype that websites are complicated. I want you to trust me but more than that I want you to trust yourself. I don’t want you to rely on “the experts” to tell you what you need without understanding it. I promise to keep the lines of communication open. I’ll be here to answer questions, explain concepts, and clear up confusion, and give guidence both when we are working together and after. 


I promise you will have a basic understanding of your website, what parts it has, and why, that way you don’t have to feel helpless and overwhelmed and be dependent on the “experts” to tell you what’s best for your website.