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The missing (tech) piece.

I step into the tech role and handle it,

taking it off your hands and off your mind.

Webinar Set-Up


Landing Page Creation/Setup

Registration Setup

Email Integration

Webinar Platform Setup

Email Automation (pre- and post-webinar)

Hooking everything up and making it amazing!

Monthly Retainer

You need someone to handle All The Tech, someone who will tell you if what you are doing isn’t working or could be done more efficiently. You need me to help make sure the tech foundation you are building your business on is secure. Then, you can focus on YOUR zone of genius.

Tech Systems Overhaul

I’ll go through every program you are currently using, see what gaps are in your tech systems, look at long and short term goals, find out what is working and what needs to go, and where you should be investing and where you can save. Then I set it all up for you so you everything runs smoothly and automatically.

What its All About…

And Why You Are Here….

Here’s the thing. You didn’t start your business to deal with programs all day. You started your business because you have a goal, a dream, a mission, and it’s REALLY hard to move toward that goal if you are mired down in hookups and integrations and automations. I mean, could you do it? Sure. But do you want to? Do you have time to? Honestly, no. And you don’t have to. 

I am a Technical Strategist. I work with my clients to make sure that the programs they are using are the best, most cost effective, programs for their business. Then, I take it a step further by taking the “tech stuff” out of their hands so they can focus on the part of their business that lights them up inside. You want to be looking forward, toward growth, toward your audience, toward that business goal you are reaching for. So, are you ready to make some tech magic?

Ready to Work Together?