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The missing (tech) piece.

I step into the tech role and handle it,

taking it off your hands and off your mind.

Webinar Set-Up


Landing Page Creation/Setup

Registration Setup

Email Integration

Webinar Platform Setup

Email Automation (pre- and post-webinar)

Hooking everything up and making it amazing!

Monthly Retainer

You need someone to handle All The Tech, someone who will tell you if what you are doing isn’t working or could be done more efficiently. You need me to help make sure the tech foundation you are building your business on is secure. Then, you can focus on YOUR zone of genius.

Tech Systems Overhaul

I’ll go through every program you are currently using, see what gaps are in your tech systems, look at long and short term goals, find out what is working and what needs to go, and where you should be investing and where you can save. Then I set it all up for you so you everything runs smoothly and automatically.

What its All About…

And Why You Are Here….

Here’s the thing. You didn’t start your business to deal with programs all day. You started your business because you have a goal, a dream, a mission, and it’s REALLY hard to move toward that goal if you are mired down in hookups and integrations and automations. I mean, could you do it? Sure. But do you want to? Do you have time to? Honestly, no. And you don’t have to. 

I am a Technical Strategist. I work with my clients to make sure that the programs they are using are the best, most cost effective, programs for their business. Then, I take it a step further by taking the “tech stuff” out of their hands so they can focus on the part of their business that lights them up inside. You want to be looking forward, toward growth, toward your audience, toward that business goal you are reaching for. So, are you ready to make some tech magic?

What clients say…


I hired Angela to help build my website. I’m working on a marketing course and they are making great suggestions for things I can do to grow my business but there are so many technical things I just don’t know how to do! I needed new landing pages…I needed a newsletter “opt-in” email…I needed help with my Shopify site…and Angela came highly recommended! She made everything so easy and is delightful to work with. She even taught me how to use the email program! I would have wasted so much time trying to teach myself. I am finally getting things off my to-do list; what a RELIEF! The best part was Angela’s quick turnaround and willingness to answer any questions and help with anything! It gave me such piece of mind. SHE LOVES WHAT SHE DOES! Working with someone who loves what they do and is passionate about helping their clients…that’s the BEST person to work with. SHE KNOWS WHAT SHE IS DOING and she is a total professional. 

Gretchen Serrano

Artist, Paw Palletes

What can I say about working with Angela Reeder? Holy Moly….if you want to work with someone who gets it, Angela is your perfect Tech Assistant. She knows it all….and when some little thing comes along that stumps her (momentarily) she does not rest until she solves the issue. Fun, fast, and full of skills…I thoroughly enjoy working with Angela and would recommend her to anyone looking for a top-notch technical assistant. 5 STARS!

David Emmons

Course Creator, Step by Step Success with Facebook Marketing

Angela is so easy to work with. She quickly grasped what I needed, and I was happy to hand the technical piece over to her.  It would have taken me weeks to complete, but she had it done within 48 hours. Thanks to her efficiency and knowledge, I am ready to promote my teachable Great Courses School.

Leslie Hamp

Course Creator, Great Courses School

I first reached out to Angela because we needed quick tech help. Our email campaigns weren’t running smoothly, we needed help with affiliate links, there were SO many in-the-moment-issues that I didn’t know how to deal with. Angela came recommended and I knew she could help with the job. Bringing Angela on allowed the tech issues to be removed from my plate. It saved me a ton of time and stress. I was able to not worry about tech issues as I knew they would be handled accordingly. Angela’s response time was second to none. She was always able to make herself available for us and had the success of our company in her best interest. Angela is very reliable. If she says something will get done, it will.

Dani Paige

Business Manager


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